Nano Technologies to Replace Traditional AW/EP Additives

AR9100 Potassium Borate Friction Modifier is formulated with selected ester complexes combined with nanotechnology as the backbone of its formulation. AR9100 replaces outdated AW/EP additive packages with superior performance. Some components are chosen for their emolliency in non-lubricant applications. AR9100 Provides friction modification, lubricity, anti-wear, extreme pressure and cleaning properties. AR9100 recommended treat rate level is 3.5% to achieve friction modification in motor oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, lube sprays or grease.

AR9300 Nanoceramic Friction Modifier is the next generation of restorative technology that rebuilds worn friction surfaces. Tested at five times the hardness of the host metal AR9300 is suitable for extreme environments, high temperature and high load applications. AR9300 comprises 10 years in development and has resulted in a compound containing over a dozen carefully selected elements that when reduced to nano particle size, collaborate to form an ionic bond with the metal alloy forming a new surface 5 times harder than the host metal and with an astonishing coefficient of friction measuring at 0.003. This is a ground-breaking achievement in the field of Tribology and friction reduction. Recommended treat rate for oil is 1 gram per 4 liters or for grease, 2 grams per 400 grams.