Nano-technologies for Motorsport

– For all fluid systems to reduce the coefficient of friction to as low as 0.003, reduce heat up to 40%, eliminate corrosion, extend oil drains cycles, reduce wear up to 75% and reduce energy consumption. Excellent for the greatest lubrication challenges in engines and transmissions. AR9300 recommended for the ultimate in protection and performance.

– Diesel fuel is inherently degraded, contains harmful water, is subject to agglomeration, lacks sufficient lubricity, and is dirty etc. This affects MPG, injector life, performance, power, emissions and so forth. AR6200 is a complex treatment that resolves all the major limitations in carbon based fuels.

– Outperforms all moly and EP greases. Superior protection and performance for hubs, joints and bearings. Can easily extend greasing life 3 to 6 times

– Developed with over a dozen complex nano minerals and ideal for the ultimate in performance and protection. Suitable for any high friction zones in bearings, joints and hubs.

If that team is winning then there is a good chance they are using a technology developed by Archoil. Contact your nearest dealer for further information.