Nano-technologies for Heavy Equipment

– Complex nanoceramic coating developed for extreme load fluid system environments. 10 years in development, forms an ionic bond five times harder than the host metal and the lowest coefficient of friction in tribology at 0.003. Also doubles the life of curved rail track.

– Diesel fuel is inherently degraded, contains harmful water, is subject to agglomeration, lacks sufficient lubricity, and is dirty etc. This affects MPG, injector life, performance, power, emissions and so forth. AR6200 is a complex treatment that resolves all the major limitations in carbon based fuels.

– Which will dramatically outperform PTFE, moly, graphite, chorine etc. based greases. We manufacture readily biodegradable and HI Food Grade grease. Our hi end greases will solve any lubrication challenge.

– and sealants to eliminate corrosion. Rust is removed effortlessly down to bare metal. 3 types of sealants are then available from indoor to most extreme outdoor environments.

– Add to fluid system to dissolve carbon, varnish, eliminate sludge and revitalizes seals. Highly recommended to use first before using friction modifiers. Can be used in engines, transmissions, differentials or power steering systems.

Our industrial line of extreme pressure and non-corrosive finished biodegradable lubricants are utilized in the most extreme environments eliminating corrosion and successfully solve lubrication challenges worldwide for major corporations and industries.