Nano-technologies For Firearms

– Utilizes tungsten disulfide (WS2), which is one of the most lubricous materials known to science with a coefficient of friction measured at 0.03. AR4200 forms a dry hard surface on metal alloy and can withstand very extreme temperature environments. AR4200 is a cleaner, lubricant and corrosion protector. WS2 repeals dust and dirt. It has a slight non-offensive odor and dark amber in colour.

– Utilizes hexagonal boron nitride for its low coefficient of friction at 0.15 to 0.70 and its superior characteristics when bonding to metal. It is a superior lubricant and offers excellent protection against corrosion. Once the firearm is clean AR4400 will maintain it and prevent lead and carbon buildup. It creates a dry hard film with no odor and neutral in colour.

– Outperforms all moly and EP greases. Superior protection and performance for hubs, joints and bearings. Can easily extend greasing life 3 to 6 times